PR For Health & Wellness

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Little Penguin Public Relations provides PR Consulting for Health & Wellness Professionals and Companies. Your clients choose to work with you because they trust you are an expert in your industry. When choosing a Corporate Health company, Wellness provider, or Health Practitioner, people trust you to keep them healthy. While referrals provide instant credibility, to gain a new client’s trust you need to provide credibility indicators that showcase your knowledge, experience, and values. Public Relations gives your sales team the tools they need to increase your sales funnel at every level. PR can differentiate you from your competition and provide a targeted combination of exposure and credibility that will help you help more people.


“We have scored several wins in just the first few months, receiving national press recognition and being honored with several local awards. Working with Little Penguin PR has been a great experience and our team highly recommends the services of Michelle Stansbury and Little Penguin Public Relations.”

-Korben Konrady, BARR Corporate Health


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