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Little Penguin Public Relations provides PR Consulting for Real Estate Agents and Brokerages.For Realtors, trust and credibility are of the utmost importance. Your clients choose to work with you because they trust you are an expert in your industry. Whether they are buying or selling their dream home, making an investment decision, or expanding their office space, people come to real estate agents with some of the most important decisions they make. While referrals provide instant credibility, to gain a new client’s trust you need to provide credibility indicators that showcase your knowledge, experience, and values. Public Relations gives your sales team the tools they need to increase your sales funnel at every level. PR can differentiate you from your competition and provide a targeted combination of exposure and credibility that will help you help more people achieve their real estate goals.

“Working with Michelle from Little Penguin PR has been eye opening to say the least. I was blown away with the exposure that Little Penguin PR got for us. The results speak for themselves, but the process was also easy as Michelle is exceptionally capable at managing the PR process from start to finish. After receiving an impressive amount of recognition for the media exposure that Little Penguin PR landed us, I’ve recommended Little Penguin PR to colleagues. Michelle is proactive in creating and securing opportunities and will go above and beyond to find creative ways to exceed expectations.”

-James Langley, Managing Partner, Schwartz Commercial


“Michelle is such a pleasure to work with at Little Penguin Public Relations. She is easily accessible, knowledgeable in all aspects of PR and is a top notch person to represent our company. She is ‘in the know’ with everything going on around town and detail oriented with our monthly agendas. She makes it easy to be aware of our PR agenda as well as to track what had been done and stay focused. She has strong media relations that has helped us get our company noticed. I would highly recommend working with Michelle.”

-Angie Stanley, VP Sales & Marketing, Oakwood Escrow


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